• Marathon cyclists do not compete, everyone rides at their own pace
  • The marathon goal is to promote recreational mountain biking, develop tourist potentials of countries of the Western Balkans, enjoy nature and make friends. Every day is carefully designed in terms of complexity, content, mileage, track profile and other important parameters. Every participant has enough time to drive at their own pace within the projected track, without the pressure that is present in the competitions.
  • The accommodation and meals
  • Participants have more options regarding accommodation and meals. They can opt for a hotel, mountain lodge, private accommodation or to sleep in their own tents (with appropriate equipment, sleeping bag, etc.). Participants are in charge of their own meals: they can bring their food, prepare during the trip (at places of rest, places for overnight stays), buy along the way or in the facilities where the participants are accommodated.
  • Lodgins for the night
  • The participants will be able to spend the night in locations defined and secured by the organiser. For reservations of overnight stays, the participants need to choose accommodation for each particular day and make a payment of total amount in advance, by the deadline determined by the propositions. The organizer will obtain offers for available accommodation with prices and each participant must electronically fill in the form for the one they want. Once the reservation is confirmed, the number of available places will be reduced by one, so that the participants know the number of remaining places at any time. In case that all places in one object are reserved, the participant can choose some of the remaining options.
  • A statement/letter of agreement
  • The participants will need to accept the following statement upon applying for the marathon: ``On the occasion of participation in the Ciker MTB marathon 2020, which takes place from June, 21 until June 30, 2020 - I herewith agree with the following statement: I am familiar with the propositions of the manifestation, traffic regulations and the manner of safe use of tangible and intangible assets. I was informed by the organiser of the event that I should not participate in marathon or some of the foreseen tracks, unless I am physically and mentally ready to participate, that I should choose a track that corresponds to my current abilities, and in that sense I declare that I am physically and mentally prepared for the selected track, i.e. marathon, and that I participate in the manifestation at my own risk. I also declare that the organizer of the marathon will not be held liable in the event of injury, loss of material goods and / or other material and non-material damages (fear, pain, etc.) that occurs as a result of participation in the manifestation, and I completely deny the right to claim damages in the afore mentioned cases. By accepting this statement, I confirm and accept responsibility for the consequences caused by my behavior in terms of compliance with the provisions of the Law on Traffic Safety on Roads and other legal and by-law regulations applicable in the territories of countries the marathon goes through. I agree with the use of my name, pictures and videos, etc. for the needs of marathon organizers on radio, television, electronic media, newspapers, brochures, etc. without asking for any cash or other remuneration, and completely waive the right to claim against the claimed basis.`` For the minors, this statement needs to be signed by parents or guardians.
  • Transport of participants and their equipment to Kraljevo
  • Once the cyclists finish their 10-day journey, they can return to Kraljevo by organized transport by bus which is based on the number of registered participants, and the equipment and bicycles are transported by trucks and buses. The number of participants returning to Kraljevo must be known in advance in order to reserve enough seats in the vehicles, which is decided upon registering for the marathon.
    The cost of transportation of cyclists, their equipment and bicycles is 20e and is paid at the same time as the registration fee.
  • Prerequisite for participation
  • In order to take part in the marathon, a participant has to fill in the application properly, pay the fee, be in good physical condition, own the bicycle of appropriate condition and quality, as well as necessary equipment such as: helmet, spare inner tube and the basic tools. In order for the application to be valid, a participant needs to fill in all the fields with accurate data, pay the prescribed amount in the dinar counter-value to the club`s bank account and to have the application confirmed by the organiser. The data are important for the insurance that each marathon participant will have, state borders crossing and other reasons essential for logistics. Data are not an optional but mandatory item, and they are not just a formality but a real need. The prescribed amount should be paid in dinars ( for overnights in places in the Republic of Serbia).
  • The organiser`s right not to allow participation
  • Organiser has the right to forbid participants to take part in the marathon if the participant doesn't own a bicycle of appropriate condition and quality, or all the necessary equipment, as well as some other objective reasons. It is clear that there must be appropriate fitness preparation for such a demanding marathon, despite the fact that the participants do not compete. Also, the type and condition of the bicycle is very important for driving on challenging terrains. The participant is obliged to prepare the bicycle before the marathon and bring it to the optimum condition, without any defects or worn parts that can be assumed to cause a problem during the marathon itself. If a bicycle has non-standard or rare parts, the participant should provide backups. For basic repairs on a daily basis, organiser will provide the customer service.
  • Marathon registration fee
  • The registration fee for Čiker MTB marathon 2020 is 70e, and the payment method is thoroughly explained in the application process on the Čiker website. In case the participant plans to ride less than 50% of the marathon (expressed in number of days), the price of the registration fee can be reduced. The percentage of fee reduction depends on the particular situation, and the participants who believe that they have the basis for the reduction should send an e-mail with all the details. The organiser will inform the participants of the outcome in a short time period.
  • The guidance through marathon
  • All information regarding Čiker MTB marathon will be timely published on the site, blog, Facebook pages and groups, including the application form, brochure, GPS navigation trails, the possibility of purchasing food in the places through which the marathon passes, and other things of relevance to the participants.

Čiker MTB Marathon

For nine years in a row, MTBC "Čiker" from Kraljevo, in cooperation with more than 20 other tourism organizations, has organized "Čiker MTB marathon" from Kraljevo to Montenegro/Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the first year the marathon was part of the IPA Project "Cycling through Serbia and Montenegro", which was proclaimed the best cross-border project in 2012, financed by the EU.

The goal that lies behind the organization of this marathon is sports-touristic, i.e. apart from representing cycling as a sport of healthy lifestyle, the marathon also promotes tourism and cultural potentials of the countries it goes through. The marathon lasts for 10 (ten) days and passes through the mountainous regions of the countries of Western Balkans, visiting the tourist centers on its way, as well as cultural and other landmarks of these territories.

In the last years, the marathon path went through the mountains: Goč, Radočelo, Čemerno, Javor, Golija, Zlatibor, Mučanj, Zlatar, Jadovnik, Kamena Gora, Jabuka, Lisa, Ljubišnja, Pivske planine and Durmitor, going through Čačak, Požegu, Ivanjicu, Novu Varoš, Sjenicu, Prijepolje, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Žabljak, Plužine, Nikšić and Kotor.

The route is changing by the year, and for the following years it is expected to encompass (apart from already included territories) the following municipalities: Arilje, Užice, Priboj, Raška, Novi Pazar, Tutin, Rožaje, Berane, Mojkovac, Kolašin, Šavnik, Podgorica, Cetinje, Ulcinj, Bar, Tivat and Herceg Novi.

Up to now the marathon has welcomed cyclists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Chile and the USA, and the number of countries the participants are coming from is on the rise.

In 2020, the marathon will last for 10 days and it will end in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Maraton 2016The Čiker MTB marathon reportage 2016 which done by Kraljevo television

Maraton 2015 The impressions from Čiker MTB marathon 2015