Čiker MTB Marathon 2017Prepare for Čiker MTB marathon 2017.

  • The marathon is not of competitive spirit
  • The aim of the marathon is promoting recreational mountain biking, the development of touristic potentials of Serbia and Montenegro, enjoying in nature as well as each other's company. Each day was carefully conceived taking into consideration how demanding the marathon is, the activities planned for that day, the number of kilometers and some other important parameters. Each participant will be able to adjust the pace of riding to himself/herself without the pression which is present on such competitions.
  • The accommodation and meals of the participants
  • The participants will be having more than one option when it comes to food and accommodation. The accommodation will be possible in buildings such as hotels, mountain homes and private accommodations or in proper tents (with suitable equipment, sleeping bag etc). Meals are regulated by participants themselves, they can carry food with them, prepare it along the way (in resting places, or places for spending the night). Participants can also buy food in places the marathon goes through or in places where they are accommodated.
  • The participants will be able to spend the night in locations defined and secured by the organizer
  • In order to make a reservation for spending the night in buildings it is necessary to make a selection of the objects for each day of the marathon and pay the total sum in advance until the deadline regulated by the proportions of the marathon. The organizer will find the offers for available accommodation together with its prices and each participant will be able to fill in the form for the desired object. When the reservation is confirmed, the number of available places is reduced for one, so that their number is familiar at any time. If all places in one place are reserved, the participant can choose one of the remained options. While applying for the marathon, the participants are obliged to sign the statement about accepting the defined rules of conduct, as well as the clause about them participating at their own risk and responsibility for any unpredicted circumstances, injuries, withdrawals etc...
  • The text which the participants will accept when applying for the marathon
  • While attending the Čiker MTB marathon 2018, from June 24, 2018 till July 3, 2018, I hereby consent with the following statement: I am well aware of this manifestation propositions, with traffic rules and regulation and with methods of safe use of tangible and intangible assets. Organizer of the marathon has warned me not to take part in this marathon, or its specific sections, if I am not both physically and mentally prepared for it, ie, to choose only the section I am certain that corresponds to my current abilities. In this respect I declare that I am both physically and mentally prepared for the certain section or the marathon and that I am participating at my own risk. I also declare that organizer of the marathon will not bear any responsibility in any case of injury, loss of material goods or any material or non-material damages (fear, pain etc) which were caused during the marathon. In that sense I completely renounce the right to claim damages in the aforementioned cases. On accepting this statement I also accept the responsibilities for the consequences caused by my conduct, in the sense of compliance with the provisions of the Law on Road Traffic Safety and other law and bylaws which are implemented in Serbia and Montenegro. I agree with using my name, photo and video record etc, for the needs of marathon organizer to use it on radio, television, electronic media, newspapers, brochures and similar, without any financial or other compensation, and in that sense I completely renounce the right to claimunder the above grounds. For minors, this statement shall be signed by parents or guardians.
  • Upon finishing the marathon, transport of participants and equipment to Kraljevo is covered by organizer
  • Po The transport (by bus) is organized according to the number of participants, and the transport of equipment and bicycles is carried out by trucks and buses. The number of participants who are coming back to Kraljevo is required in advance, in order for the organizer to provide with enough space in vehicles, and this is covered by the marathon application.
  • In order to take part in the marathon, the participan has to fill in the application properly, pay the fee,be in good physical condition,to own the bicycle of appropriate condition and the quality as well as necessary equipment such as: helmet, spare inner tube and the basic tools
  • For application to be valid, it is necessary for the participants to fill in all the fields with correct and precise data, pay the fee and to have the application confirmed by organizer. The data is also necessary for the insurance each participants needs to have, for crossing national borders, ATA carnets and some other reasons important for the marathon logistics. These data are not optional, but obligatory to be filled in, and instead of formality they represent the real need.
  • Organizer has the right to forbid participants to take part in the marathon if a responsible person claims that the participant doesn't own the bicycle of appropriate condition and quality, in the cases they don't own the necessary equipment, or some other objective reasons.
  • o For the obvious reasons it is clear that this type of marathon is going to require a good physical condition, despite the fact it is not competitive. Also, the type and bicycle condition are extremely important as the ride will last for 10 days and entail demanding paths and roads. The bicycle needs to be prepared before the marathon start so any malfunctions have to be eliminated. If the bicycle has some rare part, the participant needs to provide with spare ones. For basic repairs on daily basis, organizer has provided with service department.
  • The marathon fee
  • The fee for the Čiker MTB marathon 2018 is 50 euros, and the form of payment will be clearly described on web locations of the Ciker club. In case the participant rides less than 50% of the marathon (clearly indicated in the number of days), ie, he/she does not plan to return by bus covered by the organizer, the fee amount will be reduced. The percentage of this reduction will depend on the concrete situation, so the participants who feel to be having basis for reduction should send an email with all the details, the organizer will inform him about the outcome.
  • Before the marathon start, the organisor will distribute all the participants "The guidance through marathon" where they will be able to find all necessary information.
  • All information regarding the marathon will be posted on time on our site, blog, Faceboog page and group, including the application form, the brochure, tracks for GPS navigation, the possibility of food supply in places the marathon goes through and some other important things important for the participants.

Čiker MTB Marathon

For already six years in a row, MTBC "Čiker" from Kraljevo, in cooperation with 15 other tourist organizations, has been arranging a "Čiker MTB marathon" from Kraljevo to Lake Piva (Montenegro). In the first year the marathon was part of the IPA Project "Cycling through Serbia and Montenegro", which was proclaimed the best cross-border project in 2012, financed by the EU.

The goal that lies behind the organization of this marathon is sports-touristic, i.e. apart from representing cycling as a sport of healthy lifestyle, the marathon also promotes tourism and cultural potentials of the two countries. The marathon lasts for 10 (ten) days and passes through the mountainous regions of the two countries, visiting the tourist centers on its way, as well as cultural and other landmarks of these territories.

In the last years, the marathon route followed the paths of the following mountains: Goč, Radočelo, Čemerno, Javor, Golija, Zlatibor, Mučanj, Zlatar, Jadovnik, Kamena Gora, Jabuka, Lisa, Ljubišnja, Pivske planine i Durmitor, going through Čačak, Požegu, Ivanjicu, Novu Varoš, Sjenicu, Prijepolje, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Žabljak, Plužine, Nikšić i Kotor.

The route is changing by the year, and for the following years it is expected to encompass (apart from already included territories) the following municipalities: Arilje, Užice, Priboj, Raška, Novi Pazar, Tutin, Rožaje, Berane, Mojkovac, Kolašin, Šavnik, Podgorica, Cetinje, Ulcinj, Bar, Tivat i Herceg Novi.

The number of participants is increasing every year. While the 2012 marathon counted 40 participants from Serbia and Montenegro, that number grew up to 160 participants in 2017 out of which 112 participants drove out the whole route of the marathon.

Up to now the marathon has welcomed cyclists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Chile and the USA, and the number of countries the participants are coming from is on the rise.

In 2018, the marathon will last for 10 days and it will end in Ulcinj on the Adriatic coast.

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