Marathon 2022 Calendar

Čiker MTB Maraton 2022 starts on Sunday, 26 June 2022.The Marathon lasts for 10 days and each participant rides at their own pace. The marathon starts in Kraljevo and ends in Herceg Novi. On its route, the marathon will cross over many mountains in Serbia and Montenegro: Jelica, Golija, Hajla, Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, etc., passing through Guča, Ivanjica, Novi Pazar, Tutin, Rožaje, Berane, Kolašin, Nikšić, Trebinje and Herceg Novi. Marathon participants will, for the most part, ride on macadam, forest and mountain roads. Return to Kraljevo is organized for 5 July 2022.

On Saturday, 25 June 2022, the marathon participants will gather in Kraljevo. They can opt for spending the night before the marathon in Kraljevo. On Saturday afternoon, our cyclists will be able to enjoy the marathon promotion in the city’s square. In the evening, everyone will gather in the municipal administration building for a cocktail party, adjoined by all tourist organizations and guests of the marathon.

The marathon starts on 26 June 2022, at 8 am. Participants will first move along the ridge of Jelica mountain to Kaona, from where they will descend to Guča, for a break and snacks. From Guča, the participants will move along the slopes of the mountain Čemerno, all the way to Ivanjica, where our participants will spend their first night.

On 27 June 2022, the marathon route will climb us to mountain Golija (Jankov kamen at 1833 m above the sea level). Cyclists will be able to rest and have some snacks in the area below the top of Golija, in a place with a beautiful view of the Pešter plateau, the mountains in the south of Serbia and in Montenegro, all the way to Albania. After the snack, the marathoners will go down the mountain and forest roads to Novi Pazar, where an overnight stay is organized for them.

On 28 June 2022, the marathon route will lead us from Novi Pazar, over the the slopes of Mount Rogozna through the villages of Kruševo and Čašić Dolac, to Tutin, where a break for rest and snacks will be organized. From Tutin, through Godovo, the route reaches the state border with Montenegro. After the border, the route descends from Biševo and Bela Crkva, to Rožaje, where our participants will spend their third night.

On 29 June 2022, the route starts from Rožaje, continues over the slopes of the Hajla mountain, next to the river Ibar spring, through Djakovica, Dolovo, Stožer, hill Debeli and Padež, to finally descend to Berane, where a fourth overnight stay is organized for the marathoners.

On 30 June 2022, the route climbs from Berane, Lubnice and Jelovica to the Bjelasica mountain, from where, from the pass below the Vranjak katun, the Bjelasica ridge leads to Trešnjevik, the pass between Bjelasica and Komovi. From Trešnjevka, the route descends to Mateševo, and then continues to Kolasin, where the fifth overnight stay is organized.

On 1 July 2022, the route starts from Kolašin, continues through Gornji Lipov, reaching the mountain Sinjajevina, where a break for rest and snacks will take place at a convenient location. After the break, the route will lead us through Krnov, to Vučje, the ski center above Nikšić, where the sixth night is organized for marathoners.

On 2 July 2022, the route descends from Vučje to Nikšić, and from Nikšić, the cyclists head toward Trebinje, riding on a main road. Behind the place Trubjela, the route deviates from the main road, continues down a macadam road to Grahovo and takes us to the state border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. After crossing the state border, the route descends to Trebinje, where our participants will spend their seventh night.

On 3 July 2022, the last route of this year's marathon begins. From Trebinje, the route climbs, through Gornji Čičevo and Bogojević villages, to the state border with Montenegro, after which, through Sutorina and Sušćepan it descends to Herceg Novi, the final location of Čiker MTB Maraton 2022.

On 4 July 2022, our cyclists have a day off, during which, in cooperation with the tourist organization Herceg Novi, they will be offered some entertainment. In the evening, a final cocktail will be organized for all participants and guests.

On 5 July 2022, a return to Kraljevo is organized for all participants who had previously registered on our website. The transport of their bicycles and equipment is also included. Arrival in Kraljevo is expected in the late evening hours.
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