General Marathon Propositions

Marathon doesn’t have a competitive spirit

The marathon participants provide their own food and the accommodation equipment (the tent and the sleeping bag) and the accommodation in objects will be regulated over the application and payment which is done before the marathon.

The organizer has determined and provided the locations where the participants will spend the night

Before the very start of the marathon, the participants are obliged to read carefully the terms of participation while filling in the application form on the club’s site. Upon finishing the process of applying it will be considered that they accepted to act according to the defined rules of behavior as well as the clause on participating at their own risk. This clause also states that the organizer is not responsible for any sort of unexpected accident, possible injuries, quitting and similar..

Upon completing the marathon, the organizer will provide the participants with transport to Kraljevo, along with their equipment. The cost of transportation of cyclists, their bicycles and equipment, for those who apply for it, is 30e, and it is paid ar the same time as the registration fee.

In order to take part in this marathon, each participant is obliged to fill in the registration properly, to pay registration fee and other expenses (accommodation for instance) which he chooses while filling in the application on the club’s site, and to be physically prepared. Also, a fine quality bicycle in good condition is required as well as suitable equipment such as: a helmet, a spare inner tire, basic tools and equipment. Optionally one can bring the tent, a sleeping bag and a mat (if for some day one of the accommodation options is the camp)

The organizer can forbid participating if a competent person claims that the bike is not of good quality and in appropriate condition as well as in case of not possessing the suitable equipment or other objective reasons.

- Registration fee: 100€