Propositions for Marathon 2023

In addition to promoting the tourist and cultural potentials of the country, the marathon promotes cycling as a sport that reduces air pollution and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Each day is carefully designed in terms of complexity, mileage, track profile and other important parameters. Each participant has enough time to ride at his own pace within the projected track, without the pressure that is present in competitions.

The participants can register for Čiker MTB Marathon 2023 via club's official website.

The registration fee for Čiker MTB Marathon 2023 is €100. The registration fee includes:

- logistical support (mechanic services, transport of goods, route marking for the cyclicts, first aid),
- organized cocktail night before the start of the marathon,
- gift package,
- organized final dinner upon the marathon's end.

Registration for accommodation at the marathon will start subsequently, and the start date will be announced in due time.

Our cyclists can register for accommodation during Čiker MTB Marathon 2023 in two ways:

1. Signing up for Service Package which includes:

- Registration fee,
- Accommodation in facilities on a bed and breakfast basis (for all six nights, 25-30 June 2023). Cyclists will mostly be able to choose from rooms that have two or three beds. Accommodation in facilities mostly have a swimming pool or SPA center (the service also includes the use of swimming pools, SPA centers in the facilities).

2. Registering without signing up for Service Package includes paying the Registration fee with the possibility of additional payment for individual accommodation, for each day, in the offered facilities (hotel, mountain lodge, private accommodation, etc.), with defined overnight accommodation prices.

To registrate for accommodation in Kraljevo, for the dates 24 June (the day before the start of the marathon) and 1 July (the end of the marathon), it is necessary to make a reservation by choosing a room in one of the offered facilities. Accommodation for the aforementioned dates in Kraljevo is not included in the price of the Service Package.

More detailed explanations regarding the application for accommodation will be published before the start of the actual application for accommodation.

The participants will need to accept the following statement upon applying for the marathon:

''On the occasion of participation in the Čiker MTB Marathon 2023, which takes place from 25 June until 1 July 2023—I herewith agree with the following statement: I am familiar with the propositions of the manifestation, traffic regulations and the manner of safe use of tangible and intangible assets. I was informed by the organizer of the event that I should not participate in marathon or some of the foreseen tracks, unless I am physically and mentally ready to participate, that I should choose a track that corresponds to my current abilities, and in that sense I declare that I am physically and mentally prepared for the selected track, i.e. marathon, and that I participate in the manifestation at my own risk. I also declare that the organizer of the marathon will not be held liable in the event of injury, loss of material goods and / or other material and non- material damages (fear, pain, etc.) that occurs as a result of participation in the manifestation, and I completely deny the right to claim damages in the aforementioned cases. By accepting this statement, I confirm and accept responsibility for the consequences caused by my behavior in terms of compliance with the provisions of the Law on Traffic Safety on Roads and other legal and by-law regulations. I agree with the use of my name, pictures and videos, etc. for the needs of marathon organizers on radio, television, electronic media, newspapers, brochures, etc. without asking for any cash or other remuneration, and completely waive the right to claim against the claimed basis.'' For the minors, this statement needs to be signed by parents or guardians.

In order for the application to be valid, it is necessary for the participants to fill in all the fields with correct data, to pay the mandatory minimum part of the amount to the club's bank account by 31 May 2023. The data is not an optional but a mandatory item, and is not just a formality as much as a real need/requirement.

The mandatory-minimum part of the amount is 6,000 dinars and must be paid by participants residing in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, while foreign participants can pay the entire amount upon arrival in Kraljevo.

For obvious reasons, it is clear that for such a demanding marathon, the participants should be prepared physically, despite the fact that this marathon does not involve racing. Also, the type and condition of the bike are very important for a seven-day ride on demanding terrain. The participant is obliged to prepare the bicycle before the marathon and bring it to optimal condition, without defects and worn parts that can be cause problems during the marathon itself. If the bike has non-standard or rare parts, the participant should provide spare parts. For basic repairs on a daily basis, the organizer has provided a service department.

The payment method will be thoroughly explained in the application process on the Čiker website. In case the participant plans to ride less than 50% of the marathon (expressed in number of days), the price of the registration fee can be reduced. The percentage of fee reduction depends on the particular situation, and the participants who believe that they have the basis for the reduction should send an email with all the details. The organizer will inform the participants of the outcome in a short time period.

All information regarding Čiker MTB marathon will be timely published on the site, Instagram, Facebook pages and groups, including the application form, brochure, GPS navigation trails, the possibility of purchasing food in the places through which the marathon passes, as well as other relevant information for the participants.